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Following a common research design, individual researchers describe how each issue came to the public agenda, the goals of women's movement actors, the effectiveness of movement actors and women's policy agencies in inserting pro‐woman gendered perspectives into the issue frames, and the policy outcomes.

They assess the success of the women's movement in gaining both access to the policy subsystem as well as favourable policy content.

The book measures these using an until now under-utilized resource: parliamentary surveys.

In policy area after policy area, this book finds that more access points lead to more biased and more complex policy.

Access Points provides scholars a powerful tool to explain how political institutions matter and why countries implement the policies they do.

Historical evidence suggests that both the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the United States Revolution were Masonic-led, employing American, European and Swiss banker-financed plots to consolidate power, planting the seeds for a whose agenda remains today, complete social control and domination of all global markets.

Watch this incredible documentary by filmmaker, Juri Lina, which documents their plot and their eventual rise to power…

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