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It won't come as a surprise to you all that her fiance Jason Kenny (see Kevin's post) does nothing for me with or without glasses but what I do like is that it is highly likely that Laura has tried on Jason's glasses. I think the only time they would like some attention is when they are in races and the support of people watching will help them along.) Lv2c4i , Thanks for the Michelle Wie piks.She is an attractive (and tall) young woman with great taste in eyewear. taken-by=themichellewie Kevin , British cycling gold medallist is moderately myopic: , Hannah Russell a British Paralympic Swimmer (S12) who in 2011 was photographed wearing myodisc glasses.Yoyo , Re: the US Women's Soccer team, I have seen Meghan Klingenberg (defender) being interviewed wearing glasses a few times. It's highly likely that some of them do need vision correction.Pseldonymov , Cloptre Darleux with different frames: WS3cuwk/ , Clopatre Darleux with regular glasses: A3/x240-18 m13=-0.608941&m21=-0.000261585&m22=1.00469&m23=-0.97531&m11=1.00469&m12=0.000261585 kisal , Serena Williams wearing nice black specs at a recent event in Washington DC: , Eric Sogard of the Oakland Athletics.

Michelle Wie , https:// J/ https:// UG4XBJ-v U/ https:// P-c Un J-rt/ https:// Ai20m J-r H/ https:// UBw8p-v D/ https:// Rhrvkp-m8/ https:// Kv-hlp-j L/ c , https:// S7Js-J-rf/ https:// CUoa Cp-ht/ https:// Rfq Jq J-q A/ https:// J-o Q/ https:// APJ-ms/ c , Michelle Wie: https:// ODJ-o D/? She has a mild to moderate minus prescription but the frames are just amazing.

She has quite a strong minus lenses, ad she is running in them as well.

Nm9r ZDoksl WXTpf Mp Fe Cqs Skpq XMsr/Ut_HKth ATH4eww8X4x MDox Oj A4MTsi GN AXG1U/(maybe my links will not work, just google her name: Shamier Little) Melyssa , Being a bowler, I receive an email from the USBC each week with videos for allegedly improving one's game.

albeit crawling round abstruse points of law and we re glued to the TV screen.

A bonus in this is that Hirdy's yummy WAG (W actually) is filmed there with him at the back of the court looking totally consumable in glasses. Be patient with this embedded video until about 1.40 or so when you can see what the excitement's about Carrie , I'm sure I saw the beautiful and smiley Georgina Cassar with the Gibraltar team at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games yesterday.

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I could be that slim if I was stretched out as tall as her. I actually prefer being curvy and a lot of people like me being curvy!

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