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So if you want to switch to a solo sound, you just have to remember the shape to play it.Mark IJzerman is one of the sound designers working with me on Tingle.But things always take more time than you would expect, so who knows it might be next summer. It should be a lot cheaper than specialty controllers like the Haaken Continuum, and more in the price range of a multi-effects pedal, because I want everybody to be able to use it.But first I have some hurdles to conquer before that is possible.

This very likely would mean that we will step away from the grid mechanic, as it is too static for such a dynamic interface as Tingle.Digital instruments have their own strengths, but the acoustic experience of a piano or guitar is priceless.With Tingle I am trying to recapture that acoustic experience in electronic instruments.Most of the product I developed myself, but how I got there was through the help of my coach Hans Leeuw.He pointed me towards the right sources and pushed me to continue Tingle rather than moving on to a new project. Tingle consists of: What I want is for a Tinglist to have a specific role in a band. This would be lost if I would make Tingle an all-in-one device.

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