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Guests are coming in for the Family Weekend and it is good to spend time with dear friends, family, and new acquaintances. Rod Mc Nair and I both recorded new Extremely encouraging meetings were held this week to discuss an educational overview for the Living Church of God. Based on pre-registration, we may very well have “standing room only” in both locations.

The current situation is that individuals in at least 20 states are not able to take online courses in Living University due to changing state laws.

I have kept busy writing and holding meetings along with other duties. We also plan to have a one-year on-site resident work/study program here in Charlotte for high school graduates. Jonathan Mc Nair will be transferring to Charlotte to coordinate our efforts with individuals who have specific expertise in educational programs, such as Dr. Most of our websites are seeing very encouraging increases over last year.

The South African Living Youth Program (Camp) begins this weekend. For example, in terms of sessions or visits to the website, the English language This week, millions of Americans will be observing the annual Thanksgiving holiday—but what will it mean for many?

Going forward, we always want to remember why we have these activities, not get distracted from that purpose, and conduct ourselves as one great family! Adam West will return from the United Kingdom and will replace Mr. Meanwhile let us not forget our family members in the Philippines where deadly typhoons and tropical storms have battered the islands.

The largest fire on record in California has destroyed over 1,000 structures and disrupted far more lives.

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