Scorpio and dating

As women we’re often brought up to believe we have to be perfect to find the man of our dreams. I know because I was one of the women who would strive for perfection for years. But it’s not because you are the woman for him, it’s because you’ll do anything he wants. If you do you are showing him that you are easily manipulated. Don’t change who you are just because there’s something about you he doesn’t automatically like. If you want to get a man to sit up and take notice of only you, you need to understand .As women we tend to be very patient – too patient sometimes.Scorpio man seeks woman who can keep a secret, stay faithful.Must have high sex drive, and must never ever look at another man (or woman, for that matter).There are easy ways to tell if your relationship is headed for something more substantial or if he’s considers you his girlfriend or in some cases girl friend.If a man is even considering a deeper commitment with a woman, he’ll do at least one of the following: Introduce her to his family. I’d wait patiently to meet his family, only to discover he was keeping them at arm’s length from me.You should have completed a full round of psychoanalysis first, and know your dark side well — I don’t want to be your therapist, and I’d rather you have thoroughly examined yourself before I dig up all your skeletons.

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There are obviously many things you can try and do to spark his interest. You feel as though you’re spinning in a circle when it comes to grabbing his attention, right?

Your other single friends all probably have their own jewels of advice that range from dating another man to make him jealous to giving him an ultimatum.

If you love a man and want to make him your own – you need to understand . Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t be doing in an effort to make a man fall in love with you: Cater to his every need. Don’t ask him where he’s been if you haven’t heard from him in a while and never tell him to button up his coat if it’s cold outside. Their minds also don’t operate the same way yours does.

Once you understand this, you’ll be able to draw him in – hook, line and sinker. There’s a great chance that if you do this – cater to every whim of a man, he’s going to stick around. NEVER clean his apartment for him and NEVER run over to his place simply because he’s feeling frisky. If you wear pink lipstick and the man you are dating says he prefers red, don’t convert. He already has a mother, he doesn’t want you to be one too. If you expect a man to know what you want from him, you’ll always be disappointed.

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If you’re not happy with the state of your current relationship or you wish a certain man would feel as strongly about you as you do about him, you need to take steps to make that happen.

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