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If you live in a one-stoplight kind of town, then there may not be a gay bar, but I would lay money down on the fact that there is one somewhere close by in the county. The more people you chat with, the more your confidence will be boosted. If you have chemistry with someone, exchange phone numbers. Don't be a douche and go around getting everyone's digits. When you meet someone at a bar, wait two days to call for a date.Another mistake I have made over and over is trying to make an instant "deep connection." I despise small talk, so I'm always attempting to carry on intellectual conversations with everyone. If you call the morning after meeting them, you will look like a stalker.Don't spend all your time with gay men if you want to meet a woman.Ditto for straight people, unless they are setting you up or your group of friends is very diverse.Do not say, "There are no gay women where I live." That is most certainly untrue.If you repeat such negative statements to yourself, you may not be able to spot the hot lesbians in your neighborhood. Tell yourself that you could meet the love of your life at any moment. Let's start with small towns -- a frequent email request.

You see, my wife is Guatemalan, and when her corporate job moved her to the U.It may seem scary, but remember that you are a good person who has lots to offer.It is very important that you are honest with your friends and the people around you.In the meantime, those tips will help small-town gals get started.Finding Love in a Big City A lot of the same rules that I explained for small towns can also be applied to big cities, so if you skipped over that part, please go back and read it.

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No matter how much you want to call, please, just wait. Pony up the cash for dinner if you ask the girl out on a first date.

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