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Nashangaa kwa nini wanawake wanamgombea.” (I dated Diamond for five months and there is no single time he satisfied me.

Among all the men I have ever dated, he is the only one who doesn’t know how to make love to woman.

He started having an affair with Zari but when their compromising picture was leaked online, Diamond, the denial king, denied it.

He claimed there was nothing between him and the Ugandan socialite, saying that the photo was a shot of one of the music videos they were working on.

Accusations that the award winning singer is yet to address.

Apparently, Hamisa has named her son after Diamond, Abdul Naseeb. The child’s first Instagram account that is managed by Hamisa says he is Diamond Platnumz’s son.

Naseeb is also rumoured to have had a thing with Aunt Ezekiel, one of the most famous bongo movie actresses.

She is currently the centre of attention after Diamond confirmed that the one month old boy she delivered in August is indeed his.

“Na magazeti ya nyumbani kwa kukuza habari si unajuagaa/Utasikia Tafalani eti Mondi kwa Zari amemwagwa/Navyo nilivyo mnyonge tabia ya kuwajibu sinagaa/Kama naiona michambo ya madem wa zamani nilowapitiaga”“...

And you know how newspapers love to create scandals, you will hear there’s trouble in paradise, Zari dumps Diamond.

To date, the two ladies have never seen eye to eye.

After Wema found out Diamond was cheating with her best pal, Jokate, they broke up.

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This however happened yesterday during her son’s 40 days, an event that happens after the new born hits 40 days.

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