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His eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw and facial shape were measured and came closest to the Greeks' idea of perfection.Bradley Cooper came second with 91.80 per cent, Brad Pitt was third with 90.51 per cent, One Direction singer and Dunkirk star Harry Styles was fourth with 89.63 per cent and David Beckham was fifth with 88.96 per cent accuracy of his features to the beauty ratio Phi.In addition you will find scenic countryside often with stone walled moni-paths, hillside villages with narrow quiet lanes and alleys, numerous churches and lots of monasteries where you are usually welcome to look around and particularly on the smaller islands quite likely to be invited to sit down and have an ouzo or a coffee.There are many Archaeological sites dating back centuries and castles which date back to the Knights of St.John to be found on islands such as Crete, Thassos, Kos and Rhodes.

A long main shopping street noodles up from the commercial harbour in the south, lined by houses and shops built in the Thracian style with little gardens.

Evgati, beautiful sandy beach (1 Km from Kondias) Keros, sandy, one of the best, the most popular. Riha Nera, fine grains of golden sand, swallow waters.

Romaikos Yialos, shallow waters Thanos, beautiful golden stretch of sand.

It was the holy island of Hephaistos (Vulcan) god, who was worshipped on Mount Moschylus, which in ancient times emitted a fiery jet of asphaltic gas.

Today Limnos' volcanic past is manifest in its astringent hot springs and the highly sulphuric Limnian Earth, found near Repanidi, used from ancient times until Turkish occupation for healing wounds and stomach aches.

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  2. It organizes in-person events like speed dating, happy hours, and game nights for its members to help accelerate the search for “the one,” and it works — studies have shown it’s one of the top two sites to produce marriages.