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Father: Jerome Berry (hospital attendant)Mother: Judith Hawkins (psychiatric nurse)Sister: Heidi Berry Husband: David Justice (baseball player, m. 1997)Boyfriend: Shemar Moore (actor, dated 2001)Husband: Eric Benét (singer, m. 3-Jan-2005)Daughter: India (step-child, daughter of Eric)Boyfriend: Fred Durst (according to him)Boyfriend: Pitof (film director, rumored to be dating)Boyfriend: John Ronan Boyfriend: Michael Ealy (actor)Boyfriend: Gabriel Aubry (model, together 2005-10, one daughter)Daughter: Nahla Ariela Aubry (b.16-Mar-2008)Husband: Olivier Martinez (actor, together 2010-13, m. 2015) High School: Bedford High School, Bedford, OH (1984) University: Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, OH (no degree) Endorsement of Pepsi Endorsement of Revlon Obama for America Beauty Contest Miss Teen All-America (1985) Oscar for Best Actress 2002 for Monster's Ball Emmy 2000 for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge Golden Globe 2002 for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge Bond Girls Giacinta "Jinx" Johnson in Die Another Day Fainted during a taping of "Living Dolls" (1989) Suicide Attempt carbon monoxide (1997), abortive Leaving the Scene of an Accident Los Angeles, CA (Feb-2000) In Vitro Fertilization English Ancestry Maternal Risk Factors: Diabetes, Depression Kevin Hart: What Now?She won an Emmy for the 1999 HBO movie, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, where she played the star of Porgy and Bess.Dandridge was the first black actress nominated for an another addition to the rapper’s legacy, but let’s not forget even someone at his stature has a few things to address.Namely, a few assumed targets running hip-hop right now.AKA Halle Maria Berry Born: 14-Aug-1966Birthplace: Cleveland, OHGender: Female Race or Ethnicity: Multiracial Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: Monster's Ball Berry was named after the Halle Building in downtown Cleveland, former home of the Halle Brothers Department Store. He left when Berry was four years old, then returned some years later but not for long.

Londell Mc Millan, who is also the owner of honored Prince with a tribute cover, but Hov believes that was an easy cash-in.On Jay, he said: I’ve been sitting here to give y’all the truth. /You greedy bastards sold tickets to walk through his house/I'm surprised you ain't auction off the casket/Don't big bro me, don't big homie/I've seen pure admiration become rivals/I've been to Paris at least two times/I've seen the Eiffel, I've seen an eye full" Assumed Targets: The Prince Estate, Kanye West (?)It’s unclear who Jay is talking about in his first verse (someone must have offended him recently), but he’s clear about his target in his second verse: The Prince Estate.I'm tryna fix you/I'm tryna get these niggas with no stripes to be official/Y'all think small, I think Biggie/Y'all whole pass is in danger, ten Mississippi/Al Sharpton in the mirror takin' selfies/How is him or Bill Cosby s'posed to help me? Jay is taking the concept of family and applying it to the rap game—we can all get money and be successful together if the younger rappers let the older ones mentor them.He uses current cultural references like Al Sharpton's mirror selfies and Bill Cosby (who used to have a loveable father-figure image) as examples of role models who aren't leading us the right way.

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On the flip side, Jay thinks that it doesn't help when younger rappers choose to be unoriginal and do what everyone else does.

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