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Although it is a great place to buy and sell websites, I don’t recommend it for domains. After the live auction, there is generally a “silent” auction – an online auction for the remaining names and any names that did not sell at the live auction. Domain Rountable – An annual domain conference that will be held this year from April 18 to 21 in San Francisco. You can find out more about this auction at their website. A bit more of a mixed bag of domains in their auctions than T. You can find detailed instructions on how to sell your names there.

There is no feedback system, so people can serially rip off others with no consequences. With a lot of buyers and a lot of sellers, the Snapnames marketplace works very well, and is good for domains of pretty much any level of quality. Sibername – It’s new and small, but shows a lot of promise – Canada’s first premium domain auction platform.

A number of webmaster forums also offer the opportunity to buy and sell domains, such as v7n, Digital Point, etc., but these are generally not as effective as the main focus of the forum is not domaining. You can keep up to date with these auctions and conferences at their official website (which sadly doesn’t even rank in Google for its own official name). Given their resources and willingness to make it work, their future auctions may well be worthwhile. Snapnames – Better known for its expiring domains auctions (see below) Snapnames also auctions off other domains as well.

There are also a lot of people who go around randomly bidding on auctions with no intention of paying. The auctions still need a lot of promotion, so if you are submitting a name for sale, be sure to set an appropriate reserve.If you are a buyer, you have a choice of a number of often high quality domains available for purchase at wholesale levels.Even if you aren’t buying or selling, the results of major domain auctions provide a good barometer of the health and direction of the domain market.That’s a lot of domains to keep track of, so you may wish to simply watch the most popular domain auctions. You’ll also want to ensure your auction ends at a convenient time for West Coasters, East Coasters and Europeans – I’d say 3 p.m. This is probably the quickest way to sell a domain, but likely where you will get the lowest price (there are exceptions to this – e.g. Obviously, a good place for bargain hunters, but caveat emptor – make sure to deal with reputable members or use an escrow service to close the transaction. Also, the auctions have had lacklustre results and the company sometimes seems to fly by the seat of its pants, changing dates, rules, and commissions as they go along.Probably the most active sales forum is at DN Forum, although you need to become a member to buy and sell. Good bargains on cheaper names are available, but there also seems to be a lot of bad domains chosen as well. Domainfest – A newer but very vibrant domain conference. That being said, they’ve got some great technology behind their auction system and are fighting hard for their share of the auction pie. Go Daddy – Go Daddy is jumping in the online auction market with their series of Signature Domain Auctions.

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Combined with a hands off attitude of the moderators of the forum, it is really not worth the hassle for domainers. A great auction if you are looking for a good domain. To submit a name for auction, simply submit an email to them.

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