Dating site icebreaker questions funny

Richard Basaraba would approach young women and hand them business cards that said “Sugar Daddy Looking For His Sugar Baby”.

On the other side was a picture of a young woman with an older man, an email address and the words “Ask Me About Your Allowance”.

But the flip-side of this particular coin is that being socially well-calibrated helps you be creepy… So let’s look at some specific examples of creepers and how they could’ve done things differently.

In Daytona, Florida, a 73-year old man was banned from all beaches in Volusia County for 6 months. He was approaching young women in hopes of getting a sugar-baby – that is, a relationship predicated on a pre-arranged financial arrangement.

Yeah, he says that 95% of women laughed at it, but laughter doesn’t necessarily mean they it.This approach is, incidentally, part of why the infamous Clarke-Hatfield study failed; approaching strange women and asking them to go to bed with you is normal behavior.But is there a way that he could have gotten what he wanted without being The Creepy Old Pervert At The Beach? People wanted to get something for their Facebook or Instagram profiles, he got a few moments of human contact.Among his other attention-getting accoutrements, he would wear a shirt saying “Accepting Applications 4a Sugar Baby”.Women apparently found the shirt amusing and would ask to pose for photos with him – photos that would be incredibly popular on Facebook.

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