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If you are aged 26, weigh 72.8kg and are 176.9cm tall then the answer is yes.Thanks to the first comprehensive scrape of every London 2012 Olympic athlete we can create a real picture of what kinds of people compete in the games.And it varies by country too – with the caveat that this probably reflects the sports they are entering.The French team average is 27 – a year above the overall figure.

The youngest Olympian is a Togan women's 50m freestyle competitor, Adzo Kpossi, who is just 13, one of 33 Olympians aged 15 and under.

The tallest female athlete is a basketball player from China, Wei Wei who is 7cm over the 2m mark.

The shortest is Jamaica's 4 X 100 relay runner Schillonie Calvert, standing at just 1.35m.

Its average age is 26.3, compared to 27.1 for the US – a gap of 3%.

It is also 2% lighter at an average of 74.5kg, compared to 75.9kg.

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If you imagine that all Olympic athletes are young, then you would be wrong – while the average is 26, there are 187 athletes over 40 at this year's games, including the eldest, Hiroshi Hoketsu, 71 years old, who competed in the dressage for Japan.

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