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This list could be more extensive but you will need to figure out some things with experience.

Bar girls and gogo girls all share a common language and you should learn it.

They also have little phrase books that are sold to help them with phrases that will work at the bar.

If you hear a girl say the following “butterfly man”, “boom boom” or “short time” then you are with a bar girl.

After you have slept with a girl you will see she will become more comfortable with touching.

So you will find that some girls are ok to hold hands in the mall but not on the street.

Some other girls are ok with hugging but not in crowded areas.

They are some of the most amazing women in the world but have been getting a bad reputation of late.

It seems that collectively, foreigners seem to paint a rather unflattering and grossly unfair picture of Thai women as a whole.

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