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I’m also worried someone will reach out to him for a back channel reference, so I want to end things on a more positive note.And I think that writing a thank you note will give me closure and allow me to move onto my next step because I will have to fully accept what happened and focus on the positives of my last position.But I doubt very much that it’s a major factor in your interview success in general, as long as you’re talking all the typically recommended steps to look older.That means the stuff you mentioned like wearing a suit and speaking with confidence, but also things like making sure that the suit is well-tailored (so you’re not swimming in it like a kid playing dress-up), that your hair and accessories read as professionally mature, and some of the other suggestions here.Another thing that throws a wrench in this is that I am male and I don’t want to make it seem like I am commenting on her appearance when I bring it up. To the point that it seems pretty likely that it’s not really about the hair.

When she first began crying all the time I was concerned and asked her if she needed anything and she said nothing was wrong except for her hair.

I recently dropped on medicated primer and concealer because I had an interview and I really didn’t want to be broken out for that; it only covered it but it was still obvious to me that it was cover-up.

(I do have a doctor’s appointment to speak with my physician this month to see if he has any suggestions for me.)I’m trying to break into education (it’s what I’m certified in), but I feel like the fact that I barely look like I’m out of high school myself and having persistent acne may be hurting my chances of working at a school.

Is there anything the company can do to help with whatever you’re struggling with?

We could talk about time off if you need it, and we have a pretty good EAP that I can refer you to if that sounds like it might be helpful.” That has the advantage of being compassionate — especially important if this is in fact not really about her hair — while also signaling that it’s becoming a thing that you’re concerned about, which can nudge her to rein it in if she can.

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