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What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the “Big Brother” house? While I love my husband dearly, I have never been away from my kids longer than one week. As the strong players start to vote each other off, I would then do my best to win the HOHs. I felt guilty leaving my parents since I was an only child. What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous?Strategy for winning “Big Brother”: My strategy is to throw HOH in the beginning and have the strongest players vote each other out. Which past “Big Brother” cast member did you like most or least? I remember the day I drove away; my father started crying (the first time I ever saw him cry). I would love to bring attention to infectious diseases like MRSA. She quickly formed a bond with Elissa because of their mutual motherhood.Helen started the game slowly, but after her Head of Household win during Week 3, she began to lead the house.

When Aaryn became the fifth Ho H, she stuck to her deal of nominating whoever Helen and her allies chose.

Helen told Aaryn to nominate Howard and Spencer who have become the leading targets among Helen and her allies.

Aaryn followed through with the deal and nominated Howard and Spencer.

When Kaitlin became the Po V holder, Kaitlin considered not using it as Kaitlin realized that Jeremy would be nominated in her place and evicted.

However, she decided to use it eventually after realizing that she would become removed if she didn't.

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Helen attempted to make a deal with Aaryn to avoid being nominated by her.

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